How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags and Naturally In a Few Days

Did you ever seen your tired eyes in the mirror?how do you feel about droopy eyes or puffy eyes? is it something kind of weird happenings to you? It might me a Dark Circles Under Your Eyes, Eye Bags, what is the mild reason behind getting Dark Circles under eyes?very simple – it might be Genetic Disorder, Age, Lack of sleep, and Huge exposure to sun light, grow old or older is also one of the major causes of bags under the eyes, huge fat deposition outcomes in bags under eyes. There are a number of effective home remedies to treat the bags under the eye or say Puffy eyes, as compare to other these home remedies are very cheaper than that of other alternative methods of treating under eye bags. Today, we   Do not afraid of those Eye Bags,instead try to figure out the possible reason, remedy to get rid of eye bags. Today, we here at My Health Tips Online will be discussing about some of the home remedies to get rid of puffy eyes.

You might have gone through several oil, cream treatments but none of those products working fine right?

Eye Bags – It is the clear cut sign from your body that one of your organ is not functioning or something like it is going to fail very soon (Liver).

For any Men or Women you may see Eye Bags regularly, however it is not mean that they too are having some organ issues; but it may be happen who spends a lot of time in sunlight, late night working are some of the reasons for getting Dark Circles Under Eyes.

Skin Fact : The skin below your eyes are four to five times thinner than skin on the other parts of the body.

So, How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags and Naturally In a Few Days

Here we go the detailed editorial about Getting Rid of Eye Bags by using home based products like Water, Almond Oil, Potatoes, Milk and Cucumber. So, without wasting much time let’s learn How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags or Dark Circles.

With this products we 100% assure that you will get back your actual skin, once after using this home products you will surely hesitate to use Artificial Creams, Chemicals.

Ice Cubes : –  Take few ice cubes from freezer (1 or 2 pieces), slowly squeeze and place ice cube on your eyes for at least 5 to 8 minutes. Do practice the same procedure once in a day and trice in a week.

Potatoes : –  This is one of the best and old techniques to lighten dark circles of your eyes, for best results take a potato cut it into several pieces and keep it in a freezer for some time,  once it is cooled take some pieces and place it on your eyes for 10 – 15 minutes. Since, potato helps in reducing any puffiness.

Milk : – This is something pretty works for all (any age); take some cotton wool and few drops of milk; dip cotton wool into the milk, soak it for some time, now take the cotton wool and slowly squeeze on your eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do practice the same procedure once in a day and trice in a week.

If you are attending parties or going to birthday function and you need not to showcase your dark circles for some time the very old technique that is Cucumber Slice is best for you.

Cucumber: – Take some Cucumber from your fridge and cut it in to two pieces, place them gently on your eyes (covering dark circles). The beauty of applying cucumber on your dark circle is within a very few moment you’ll see amazing results. This is the most effective natural remedy for puffiness under the eye, Cucumber consist of  97% water and hence make your blood vessels squeeze.

  • To get rid of dark circles you probably need to drink plenty of water before you go to bed.
  • If you still Dark Circles coming back, then simple take some almond oil and slowly squeeze under eye area once in a day or trice in a week.
  • The major reason both men and women getting dark circles or eye bags is due to excessive smoking – So Quit Smoking.
  • Dark Circles are due to lack of Vitamins, so always eat healthy food, sleep early and wake early in the morning.

Cold Splash: It has the best way to reduce puffy under eyes.

We tried our level best to give you best possible outcomes to about How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags – if you found this article useful, then kindly share with your friends, if you have any queries then do let us know through comment.

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In Spite of the above mentioned points – You can also do to prevent under eye bags or puffy eyes.

  • Regular exercise for good blood circulation.
  • Avoid late night sleep.
  • For long time – Do not bend head down.

How To Get Rid Of Bloating – Bloated Stomach

Bloating means your stomach become swollen with fluid or gas, for some it may appears like swelling, increase in abdominal area which ultimately leads to severe abdominal pain.  Today we here at My Health Tips Online will be discussing about most common problem for any girl (i.e.;) How to Get Rid of Bloating . We hope by now all you search for getting rid of bloating will stop here.

How to Get Rid Of Bloating

If you are severely suffering with above Bloating symptoms then, our best advice is to showcase your problem with the best doctor immediately so that you avoid more sick leaves.

  • If in case, you haven’t treated urgently then it will surely effect all your social activities.
  • Bloating could show a lot impact on your life if not treated immediately.

However, it has become one of the common condition in every adults globally since, anybody can become a victim of Bloating.

What Causes Bloating and Gas?

So, What Causes Bloating? did you ever thought it would because of below points?

  • Chronic constipation
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Fluid in the abdominal cavity
  • Unnecessary gas in the intestine.
  • Consuming too much air.
  • Constipation.
  • Bigotry to various foods such as dairy products.
  • Eating food too hurriedly.
  • Eating too much.
  • Unexpected weight gain.
  • Prickly bowel syndrome.
  • Bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine.
  • Having fizzy beverages.
  • Menstruation.
  • A lot of stress.
  • Continues Smoke.

Due To Bloating, Is There Any Disorders?

How To Get Rid Of Bloating
How To Get Rid Of Bloating

Certainly Yes!! what are they?

Once you get bloating or severe pain frequently; it may also one of the mild symptom for getting cancer, liver disease, kidney failure, congestive heart failure, and some other disorders.

What Are Best Practice To Get Rig of Bloating?

So far, there is no direct medicine to to get rid of bloating but, we at My Health Tips Online for all time suggest you to avoid fizzy drinks and foods that cause wind, as per your diet schedule; take regular exercises and eat home foods.

As we said earlier Bloating is impossible to get rid but however firstly you have to treat the illness in a natural way. So, without treating the condition it is impossible to get rid of bloating so, treat first.

A severe bloating problem for your friend may not effect you in any way but however if you encounter such mild issues don’t take any more chance so better know about it early so that you yourself can properly diagnosed.

So for we have gone through causes of bloating but for now we will discuss about “Bloating Symptoms”.

What are the Symptoms of Bloating

For sometimes the symptoms of Bloating are Specific but, for some time it is indefinite.

There are four possible symptoms of bloating that really make to feel like life threatening issues – Here we go:

  • Accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity.
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain in Abdomen
  • Fever

Accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity (Ascites):-  In most of the cases it is caused due to liver disease or cancer.

Weight Loss:- Did you ever felt like losing weight loss suddenly? then this could be a symptom of bloating.

Pain in Abdomen :- If you get severe pain in abdomen then we highly recommend you to consult your nearby doctor for prior prevention steps.

Fever: – A sudden fever and obstruction in your bowel would be a sign that your body is about to effect with bloating.

What Are The Best Ways to Prevent Bloating?

  • Eating Right Food at Right Time
  • Avoid Habits that Attracts Bloating

Eating Right Food at Right Time

  • Limit your intake of fatty and processed foods
  • Avoid foods that cause gas
  • Select your beverages carefully
  • Cook vegetables always before eating
  • Avoid frozen and sugar-free foods
  • Have a lot of fiber foods
  • Avoid hot spices
  • Limit the intake of salt
  • Take anti-bloating foods
  • Gain from pro-bio-tics
  • Quit smoking
  • Beat the stress
  • Do some workouts

Avoid Habits that Attracts Bloating

  • Take your time
  • Eat often, but little each time
  • Avoid eating late in the night
  • Stop using that straw

What are Home Remedies to get rid of Bloating?

Best remedy for stomach soothing and reduces pains from gas. There is a special ingredient in peppermint that will prevent bloating.

Here the best prevention step to get rid of Bloating :-

  • Peppermint Tea
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Ginger
  • Pumpkin
  • Bananas

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  • How To Get Rid Of Bloating During Pregnancy

There are the best home remedies to get rid of bloating – How ever Bloating is not life threatening, however it’s absolutely an uncomfortable sensitivity. It be able to also be awkward. Fortunately, you can get rid of bloating with just some easy food and lifestyle changes. That can make a gigantic difference.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Make Scalp and Hair Healthy

We live In Metro Politian City – Always we face several issues concerning to hair (i.e. 😉 Hair Loss – so to get healthy hair, we all require keeping the health of the scalp. Let’s have a deep look at Apple Cider Vinegar – The very old and best method to cleanse the scalp and your hair healthy is by using Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar: – The mild reasons for hair loss – Huge Pollution, Excessive intake of Chemical food or Shampoo, Not taking bath for a long time and many more. So, we here at My Health Tips Online will be discussing about Apple Cider Vinegar- How to use it to make your scalp and hair healthy.

Without wasting much time we will be sharing you plenty of methods to make your scalp and hair healthy – Let’s get started.

Benefits of Vinegar: –

It is having the ability to control the development of bacteria and fungi which congests the hair follicles from where the hair cultivates.

If you start make using this method we are 100% sure that it will cleanse the hair from dandruff, preventing dry scalp and plummeting scratches.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for Scalp and Hair

For any nook of this world could you mind telling me the negative effects of using Apple Cider Vinegar? No, No chance at all; since it is being in use right from our ancient times, ACV is proven to be the best remedy for health perpetuation, we are sure that by making use of ACV once can 100% expect a shiny look or beauty to their hair and can transform it as healthy hair forever.   Below are the universal facts of ACV which made the whole world to opt it as the best choice to maintain or improve scalp health and by this means convalescing hair growth.

  • If you start using Apple cider vinegar with proper instructions, it can act as antiseptic for scalp by avoiding the development of yeast. This is extremely resourceful in eliminating itchy and dry scalp situations.
  • Why ACV? As it is loaded with high enzymes, mallic acid and have sterile property which avoids the development of, bacterial and mildew virus reason in itchy scalp.
  • ACV for skin and scalp is having anti-bacterial, anti-viral anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory assets which keep away from a variety of illness that might have an effect on your scalp and reason in hair loss.
  • ACV avoids scalp from any contagions and aridness which upholds pH balance of the scalp.
  • ACV works as usual cleanser for hair and scalp as the acetic acid, ACV takes away dirt and any leftovers of styling gels and shampoos and crafts your hair appear softer and lighter.
  • Once the ACV is applied on the scalp the congested follicles start opening, it works as conditioner.
  • The peeling and prickliness will reduce by presence of acidic content in the vinegar.
  • The Vinegar holds necessary nutrients like potassium, iron, Vitamins A, C, B1, B6, which gives wonderful nutrients for the development of hair.
  • Due to the presence of alpha-hydroxyl acids in  the ACV, it takes away the dead top layers of the scalp  and  carefully assists in stopping scalp psoriasis.
  • By the presence of alkaline in ACV, it puts off scalp nuisances and also helps out to heal tiny rubs on the scalp.

Top Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Scalp and Hair

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Make Scalp and Hair HealthyHere we are trying to list out the problem free way to use Apple Cider Vinegar for scalp and hair, so why going for other conditioners like shampoos to free from those problems. However you may be habited using Shampoos, Conditioners but we are promising once you start using ACV for your skin, we assure you will never hesitate to leave it henceforth. Here are the best ways you are able to make use of ACV for treating variety of scalp issues.

Procedure 1: (ACV or Basic White Vinegar)

This procedure helps you to mind dry, dry itchy, scalp itchy, and hair nuisances.

  • Mix up ¼ cup of pure ACV or else white vinegar to a cup of water and put it in an empty spray bottle.
  • After that, take some part of paste and start applying open-handedly over and done with your scalp and hair at the same time as bathing.
  • Once done with application then immediately starts rubbing it smoothly on scalp in order that it reaches entirely and sits all over your hair.
  • Now, wait for some time (5 to 8 minutes) after that clean it with humid water.
  • At this moment, now you can use shampoo on your hair and clean it off and then pat dry.

Procedure 2 (Thinned Vinegar)

  • Insert ¼ cup of white vinegar in ½ cup of water as well as mix up fine.
  • Transfer the mixture into a clean spraying bottle.
  • Now, cover or spray this solution on hair and scalp lightly.
  • Now, wait for some time (5 to 8 minutes) after that clean it with humid water.
  • The beauty of this procedure is – it assists in solving itchy scalp, dry scalp and dandruff.

Procedure 3 (White Vinegar)

  • Take a clean bowl, now add ½ cup vinegar and put in 2 cups of humid water. Mix up fine.
  • Once you shampooed your hair, employ this vinegar mix to wash your hair.
  • If you have more then you be able to add some drops of sage oil to this mix.
  • At this moment, wait for some time (35 minutes) after that clean it with humid water.

Procedure 4 (Vinegar Wash)

This Vinegar Wash procedure is the most effective and truly the best normal method to keep your scalp healthy and puts off prickliness and peeling.

  • Take a small bowl, now get ¼ cup of vinegar and ¾ cup of water and mix up fine.
  • Insert this mixed paste in an empty spray or unfilled bottle.
  • Once everything is done right, now wash your hair with this solution in the middle of the shampooing and taming of your hair.
  • Allow the mixture to sit on your scalp for at least 5 to 6 minutes.
  • Rubdown your scalp infrequently and wash it off from your scalp after 8 minutes.
  • After that apply the conditioner on your hair from roots to the end and then hit it dry.
  • The beauty of this procedure is – it assists in plunging the itchy mood and makes the scalp healthy.

Apple Cider Vinegar to Put Off Scalp Build-Up

As we are promising that once you start using Apple Cider Vinegar (wash your scalp and hair) it will surely help in avoiding this scalp build-up powerfully. This is only for the guy/gal who is habited removing scalp by means of applying shampoos and other products.

Procedure1 (Watery Apple Cider Vinegar)

  • Now, get 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and also same quantity of water.
  • Once done with above mentioned points that is shampooing and conditioning, rub this solution into hair and scalp
  • Allow it sit on the hair for about 7 to 8 minutes and wash it completely.
  • Like this do again this process every time you employ styling products on your hair to build your scalp and hair dirt-free and strong.

Procedure 2 (ACV by Shampoo and Conditioner)

  • Now, mix up ¼ part of apple cider vinegar by 3/4th (3 parts) of water or as essential as per the length of your hair.
  • Soak your hair and make use of an illuminating shampoo on the whole length of the hair and scalp and foam it.
  • Now, get a brush with broad spikes and softly skirmish the scalp in rounded direction.
  • Rinse the shampoo by means of cold water and now apply the geared up apple cider solution.
  • Once done, rub into the scalp for about 8 minutes
  • Wash your hair by means of cold water to take away the vinegar
  • At this moment apply the conditioner and scrutinize the hair from source to the tilt.
  • Now, make sure covering your hair by means of shower cap and abscond the conditioner on the hair for 30 – 40 minutes
  • Finally, Rinse the hair by means of water after 40 minutes to obtain glistening and smooth hair by means of dirt-free scalp.

Make Use of Apple Cider Vinegar for Dry Itchy Scalp

As we discussed in the above mentioned points that ACV helps to equilibrium the pH level of the scalp and to alleviate waterlessness and prickliness. Here’s a huge guide on how to make use of it.

  • Firstly, get two 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, two tablespoons of honey and 4 to 5 drops of soy oil of peppermint and tea tree oil
  • Combine all the items and transfer it into a microwave harmless bottle
  • Once everything is done. Now quake well and microwave the bottle for about 15 seconds
  • After shaking well, now apply this on your hair by separating the hair into tiny parts
  • Bind up the hair once applying the solution
  • Done!! Once everything is done perfectly then take 15 minutes, wash your hair by means of shampoo and water

Is Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair and Scalp?

Apple cider vinegar – Is having too many proteins which assist in getting rid of extreme oil and boring skin and washes the hair and scalp. It humidifies the hair and stops waterlessness. You will discover tenderness and peeling condensed once using ACV for cleaning the hair and scalp.

Procedure1 (ACV By Means Of Coconut Oil and Avocado)

  • Combine equivalent divisions of ACV and water
  • Insert it into a spray bottle and spray the mix up on the hair and scalp
  • Split the hair into divisions and wrap the scalp with this mix up
  • Let the scalp to infuse in the mix up for about 15 minutes
  • Wash of the vinegar by means of tea tree oil including shampoo
  • Let the shampoo to stay on the hair for 4 minutes and wash it.
  • Formulate a pulp of single avocado and include two tablespoon coconut oil to it.
  • Mix well and apply this mix on the hair and massage well
  • The Avocado and coconut oil have a humidifying and hydrating upshot on the scalp and hair
  • Now, Wrap your hair by means of a shower cap
  • After that, abscond the mask on hair for 35 minutes
  • Once done, Wash by means of water and a soft shampoo
  • Like this do again this process at least once in a week to cleanse and hydrate your hair and scalp

Procedure 2 (Vinegar and Baking Soda)

  • Firstly, get necessary quantity of baking soda to wrap your hair length and blend it with water to build a solution
  • After that, switch on to apply this mix from the origin of the hair and scalp.
  • Rub the scalp in spherical movement to wash it.
  • Make sure to wash of the solution with humid water
  • At this time get ¼th vinegar and combine it with 4 parts of water
  • You be able to put in a few necessary oil to get rid of the smell of vinegar
  • After that, apply this on the head and hair.
  • Ensure the complete scalp is roofed with this mix
  • Finally, after five minutes wash with cold water

Procedure 3 (Using Vinegar)

  • Firstly, wash your hair completely by means of soft shampoo.
  • Now, get ½ cup of vinegar and put in 2 cups of humid water
  • Wash your hair by means of this mix
  • After that make sure you leave it on hair for about 35 minutes
  • Now, Wash it carefully by means of water
  • Like this do again this process at least once in a week to cleanse and hydrate your hair and scalp

Using ACV to Control Itchy Scalp

ACV efficiently reins itchy scalp by humidifying the hair and washing out the hair
Procedure1 (Watery Vinegar)

  • Clean and dried up your hair
  • Get alike parts of ACV and water
  • Pour this solution on the scalp by means of cotton ball
  • Rub the scalp for some minutes in order that the solution reaches to each and every one parts of the scalp
  • Let the solution to perform on the scalp for 18 minutes
  • Clean it by means of shampoo and water
  • Maintain the therapy twice in a week, Until you acquire total relief from itchy scalp

Procedure 2 (Vinegar)

  • Wash out the hair by means of shampoo
  • Mix up 3 tablespoons of vinegar and single cup water
  • Now, apply this mix up to the soaked hair
  • Take care that the solution wraps your scalp
  • Rub the scalp for a small number of minutes
  • Clean your hair with water carefully

ACV Intended for Dandruff and Dry Scalp

Here are the best of ACV Intended for Dandruff and Dry Scalp those who are affliction from dandruff and dry scalp

Procedure 1 (Vinegar Wash)

  • Firstly, get three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and then put 2 cups of humid water
  • Once shampooing and washing, now apply this mix up on your hair and scalp
  • Take rest for a while.
  • After full dry of hair there will not be any odour as you are using watery vinegar
  • Maintain the therapy twice in a week, until you acquire hair healthy and shining.

Procedure 2 (ACV by means of Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil)

  • Now mix up equivalent amount of vinegar as well as water
  • Rub the hair as well as scalp by means of this mix up
  • Maintain the solution on hair  for about 20 minutes
  • Wash the hair by means of shampoo that contains tea tree oil
  • Once you hair is fully dry, then start applying coconut oil and give moderate massage
  • Maintain the therapy for a week to take away dandruff and dry scalp

Yes, Vinegar to Treat Itchy Scalp and Dandruff

Vinegar holds too many enzymes and acids, which destroys the bacillus bacteria which is conscientious for hair exertions like flaky scalp, hair loss, itchy scalp, dandruff, et cetera.

Procedure 1 (Apple Cider Vinegar)

  • Firstly, soak the hair carefully
  • Now, get ½ cup of ACV and apply it on the soaked hair, scalp and rub the scalp.
  • After that just rest it on the for30 minutes and wash it off by means of water
  • Maintain the therapy for a week to take away dandruff and itchy scalp

Procedure 2 (ACV by means of tea tree oil)

  • Firstly, get 2 half cup ACV, put in 6 drops of tea tree oil which have anti-dandruff assets.
  • Mix up the above elements in a cup of water
  • Once done, now just apply this on your hair and softly massage the scalp
  • Now, just take rest for 8 minutes
  • Clean the hair by means of shampoo as well as water

ACV Rinse to Get Free Of Itchy Scalp

To get FREE of itchy scalp make use of ACV wash. This is able to be made in two Procedures

Procedure 1 (Vinegar by means of Rosemary, Aloe Vera and Honey)

  • Firstly, get ½ cup vinegar and water, three tablespoons aloe Vera juice, One teaspoon rosemary oil as well as  honey
  • Combine every one of the ingredients and transfer into a spray bottle
  • After that, Spray this mix up on to your scalp and rub healthy
  • Now, Cover the head by means of a shower cap for 30 minutes
  • Once after 30 minutes lift-off the cap and wash by means of cold water, conditioner as well as shampoo

Procedure 2 (ACV as well as Baking Soda Rinse)

  • Build a paste of one tablespoon baking soda by means of (and) water
  • Massage this arrangement to your scalp and take rest for sometimes.
  • After that. get ¼ cup of ACV and blend it ½ cup by means of water and transfer it  over the forehead in order that it spreads into the scalp
  • Wash off the mix once after 20 minutes and dry the hair physically.
  • Maintain the therapy once in a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar Designed for Scalp Fungus

Scalp fungus is a state in which the scalp has fungus owing to overload oil and dust deposits which origins unbearable itching. Vinegar is proficient of taking away fungus and guards your scalp from fungal infections. Here we go.

Procedure 1 (Vinegar Along with Water)

  • Firstly, get two cups of any vinegar and somewhat warm it
  • Now, let this get cool and after that put 1/4th cup of this to a cup of water and mix up well
  • Before shampooing apply this to your hair.
  • After that take rest for 15 minutes and clean it with shampoo.
  • Once done, you can apply superior conditioner to your hair
  • Once conditioner is done, again apply 1/8 cups of the solution to wash scalp as well as hair
  • Now, let it get dry
  • Maintain the therapy for a week till your scalp is free of mildew and dandruff.

Procedure 2 (Apple Cider Vinegar)

  • Firstly, get equivalent quantity of apple cider vinegar as well as water
  • Combine it well and apply this on scalp once shampooing the hair
  • Rub the scalp with solution right from the neck and touching towards forehead.
  • After that take rest for 8 minutes and clean it with warm water.
ACV For Dry Scalp Treatment

Due to excess use of synthetic shampoos as well as hair styling products on the scalp and hair will run off your hair itchy and as well build your hair dry. ACV has anti-bacterial possessions that will slaughter the bacteria that reasons flaky, dandruff and dry. Here we go

Procedure 1 (Apple Cider Vinegar with Beer)

  • Take a small bowl; get two cups of beer and in the beer put in 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
  • You know one thing; Beer is an ordinary conditioner as well as will help out in nourishing the hair to clear the aridness. It is as well very efficient on dry scalp.
  • Mix the solution healthy and after that apply it on to the scalp and hair once you have shampooed hair by means of a high-quality natural shampoo.
  • Let it rest on your scalp as well as hair for some minutes.
  • After that, make use of your fingertips to rub the scalp for about 15 minutes.
  • Wash the solution; maintain the therapy once in a week to break free from dry scalp condition.

Procedure 2 (Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse)

  • Take a bowl, put in equal amount of water and apple cider vinegar in order that it is able to cover your scalp.
  • Now combine these two solutions healthy and apply it on your scalp.
  • Rub the ACV- water solution on the scalp as well as hair for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse it off by water and after that apply a high-quality shampoo.
  • It will aid in stopping dry scalp and aridness problems.

Best Tips for Using Apple Cider Vinegar on Scalp

After all, we have also another Best Tips for Using Apple Cider Vinegar on Scalp – Here we go

  1. You can use any shampoo or conditioner, now just add Apple Cider Vinegar along with your shampoo or conditioner on to your hair so that it can build lather. Once after 15 minutes, wash the lather to diminish scalp.
  2. Generally the a watery solution of vinegar  won’t blaze the scalp, though, if you are feeling burning or annoyance once applying the mix up, wash and apply extra watery  vinegar.
  3. Some may not like the odour of apple cider vinegar. The odour will disperse once you clean the hair by means of water as well as when the hair gets dried out.  If you are motionless finding it hard to fiddle with to the smell, thin it further and apply.
  4. You must not apply vinegar on oiled hair. The oil puts off the diffusion of vinegar into scalp.
  5. In case, if you are anguish from scalp illness it is healthier to select for organic, unclean and unpasteurized vinegar with nurse in it.

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Wrapping Up

This is all about How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Make Your Scalp and Hair Healthy, If you have any queries concern to Apple Cider Vinegar; then do let us know through comment.

How Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose Fast Without Products [Updated]

Are you suffering from Blackheads on Nose or Blackheads on chin? Then this article is specially written for your cure-ness. Open Comedones, a technical term for Blackhead, which appear to be like small dark spots in our body places like Nose, Chin. A whitehead on the other hand is a “closed comedo”. Usually it get filed with keratin, skin debris and sebum, which is an oily substance but not poisonous or hazard.

Is Blackheads on Nose a First Stage of Pimples?

You’re exactly right dear! This is the first stage of pimples of acne. As I said above that this Blackheads are blocked pores which is filled with keratin, skin debris and sebum, not hazardous. Blackhead can grow up to form a pimple. But it is really a mild frustration as they appear on the most visible part of our organs (Face, Nose, Hands etc…). Seriously it looks very bad to bear. However once you get Blackhead you will definitely want to remove it as soon you get the blackhead. We have in-detailed written an article on How Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose Fast without Products safely and very quickly.

What Causes Blackheads on Nose?

  • Hormonal changes within the body – Hormones in your body will cause blackheads. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT may be a secretion that triggers over activity of the oil glands. And if your body is secreting plenty of oil, then your skin pores area seemingly to induce clogged. This could be a defect provide you with a defect. This happens once more within the late 20’s once the oestrogen level begins to drop. The oil glands area unit operating a lot of, because the body’s androgen level is above oestrogen. Regarding one in 3 ladies get blackheads as a result.
  • Products Related To Skin – Cosmetics and different skin merchandise will cause blackheads likewise, notably on the nose. Face creams hydrate the skin; however they’ll find you adding a lot of pore-clogging oil. Skin merchandise and even makeup with fragrances and artificial color will clog the hair follicles on your skin, and cause blackheads.
  • Medicines – Some medications area unit to be infernal likewise for deep blackheads. The National Institutes of Health and U.S. National Library of drugs approved data supply phone system and have according those medicines that area unit wealthy in hydantoin, estrogen, androgen, and steroids will cause many skin issues, together with blackheads.
  • Stress We have no such medical report that stress is straight correlated to blackheads. However no one is 100% sure. Some researchers say that sometimes it can leads to blackheads too. In the end, nervousness and pressure grounds pepper hairs. The reason is when we were in stress, we are apt to ignore our body, and consequently we may very well have these blackheads.
  • Caffeine and alcohol Just think once if you are superstar who desires to begin the day with that cup of sizzling coffee, if that is, you wish for getting rid of blackheads on your nose quick. It may be a good idea to stop having wine immediately after dinner. Some research stated that having together alcohol and caffeine could be bad for the strength of your skin. Stimulants in your coffee can kick-start the oil glands of your skin. Alcohol influences sleep, but more significantly, it can decrease the volume of your skin apertures. You are pointlessly divulging yourself to congestion.
  • Smoking 99% of Blackheads are due to smoking too much ‘Yes’ Smoking might be one of the reasons in addition. Since it is full of ash, tar, and numerous chemicals that can injure the exterior of skin causing blocked pores and dead cells. A few professionals have also stated that smoking can build your blackhead treatment fail too. So as soon as possible give up smoking.
  • Food Nutrition and Blackheads have a deep link as well. Sugary foods, fried foods, and those with a lot of carbohydrates are able to have a huge collision on your skin. Doughnuts, French fries, and chocolates have all been liable. Though this link is not yet confirmed as most studies have been open to doubt.
  • Sweat A sign for temperature and powerful gathering at the gym and everything else that makes you sweat abundantly can cause blackheads. Since, too much sweat can block up the pores.
  • Sleeping with makeup This is open crime you are doing with your soul. There’s a high possibility that you will have clogged pores if you go to sleep without taking away the makeup. Makeup can block the pores anyhow. So always make clean your face before sleep.

Though, it doesn’t matter what the reason for your blackhead, you must know that there is one familiar issue in all of above stated, and it is “clogged pores”. Makeup sweat and extreme creation of oil glands can all clog these pores and reason to blackheads. It is also said that those who having oily skin are more expected to have these growths and spots.

Must Read:

Blackheads and Skin Hygiene – A Mythos

Some populace blindly believing that the poor hygiene can reason blockheads, predominantly during menstruation or in teens, when the hormone levels are variable. That is mildly wrong. Clinics and researchers say that this is mythos. The only omission to this is Cosmetics, sun screens, moisturizers and skin products.

Treatments to Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose

Unhappily, as we discussed above there seems to be no straight treatment that can bring to an end and even remove blackheads on nose. At best, there are some available creams and ointment that can take away the ugly scar left behind. However luckily, there are some fantastic home remedies that are working very well. By using these recommended products luckily you have no side effects.

We are recommending you some best home remedies to remove blackheads on nose.

Egg White Mask

You can make use of the white portion of an egg to make a mask for tapering your pores. From this you will not just get the answer to how to get rid of blackheads on nose, although you are able to stop upcoming outbreaks additionally. This white portion is very good for your skin as well as it is loaded with huge nutrients.


  • Egg
  • Dirty Free Towel
  • Bowl
  • Tissue Paper


  • Firstly, divide yolk from eggs white portion ‘ok’.
  • Clean your face.
  • Slap lightly to your face to make it dry.
  • Now apply the eggs white portion on your skin. Remind that the layer must be thin.
  • After that take a tissue and press this softly on your face.
  • Next, keep this for a little bit time so that the layer is able to dry.
  • Now apply a second layer over the tissue.
  • Do it more time so that this layer can dry as well.
  • You can also apply this for third layer too – this is optional.
  • Now your face will feel tight when your mask is dry.
  • Un-peel the mask. Get rid of any residue.
  • Now apply some moisturizer.

Cinnamon and Honey Strips

For regular Google Searches on how to remove blackheads on nose, today you may feel happy with this strong mixture. There are a lot of antiseptic negotiators in honey; this will keep the bacteria, which causes acne, away. It will also pull out everything that is clogging the pores. Cinnamon is going to develop circulation. Very soon you will see glowing, healthy, smooth, and blackhead free skin.


  • Raw honey
  • Cinnamon Powder
  • Clean Cotton


  • Firstly, Mix cinnamon and honey mutually. You must have sufficient amount for applying the total affected area.
  • Now, apply on your blackhead. Keep the layer thin.
  • After that press a few cotton over it.
  • Make it for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Take out the layer and clean your face.
  • Apply some moisturizer.

Cleansing Sugar Scrub

Occasionally, you just required is some exfoliating and moisturizing. Exfoliating will take away those dead skin cells that are able to clog your pores. This is going to develop circulation too and offer you soft and glowing skin. Make use of Jojoba oil as it is close to the body’s own sebum. Also you can use olive, grape seed or sweet almond additionally provided, you do not have jojoba.


  • Jojoba oil – 4 tablespoon.
  • White or brown sugar – 1 cup.
  • One airtight glass jar.
  • Some essential oils – this is optional.


  • Firstly, Mix the jojoba oil and sugar. Mix until no grains are missing.
  • If you need a fragrance, in that case add the necessary oil to it. Just add some drops.
  • Now store this in a glass jar. Maintain it in a dark and cool place.
  • Now you are all set to apply it now. But keep in mind, to get rid of blackheads on your nose quick, you must still mix it before applying. And for all time apply on a wet face.
  • Rub it leisurely over the skin. Your activities must be circular.
  • Like this keep this for 35 minutes.
  • After that, Wash your face with water.
  • Finally, apply some moisturizer.

Caution: keep in mind; you shouldn’t apply this for more than twice a week. Otherwise you will face skin problems.

Lemon Juice Scrub

Lemon juice is superior in removing deep blackheads too. For sure you get possible outcomes, as the vitamins and nutrients in lemon juice work on all skin categories.


  • Lemon juice.
  • Yogurt.
  • Salt
  • Honey.
  • Rosewater or milk.
  • Bowl.


  • Firstly, mix a few drop of honey, yogurt, salt and lemon juice and keep it in the bowl.
  • At this moment rub the area affected. Apply this natural mixture regularly.
  • Here, you can also combine rosewater with lemon juice to have a facial cleanser.
  • Like this practice this for every day up to 12 -14 days.

Green Tea

We all know that Green tea is very good for all because it helps us get better health in all ways. In the recent days it has become so popular. A report says that green tea can develop brain function, attain weight loss, subordinates the risk of various types of cancer, it lowers the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, enhanced dental health, and fights type 2 diabetes too. If you are unsure how to treat blackheads on my nose, subsequently you may be happy to know that green tea can assist you here additionally.


  • Green tea leaves
  • Water
  • Teaspoon
  • Napkin
  • Bowl


  • Firstly. Keep your dry green tea leaves in the bowl.
  • Pour water.
  • Now, mix them to create paste. One tablespoon must be sufficient.
  • Massage this paste over your blackhead. Stay rubbing for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • After that, Wash using lukewarm water.
  • Use napkin to clean.

This method is going to clean your oily skin and unblock all those holes.

Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey are very good for skin. There are antiseptic properties in honey. And the lactic acid of milk can keep your skin flexible and soft. Though, when you mix these two, what you will get is glue that is able to answer your query.


  • One tablespoon of raw honey
  • One teaspoon of Milk
  • Cotton.


  • Firstly, add milk with honey and mix carefully.
  • Now, switch on the Microwave and Heat this for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • After that, mix again. It must mix together fine.
  • Now, apply the paste over blockheads. The layer should be thin.
  • Tap little cotton over it softly.
  • Let it get dry. At least wait for 25 for best outcomes.
  • Now un-peel this ribbon carefully.
  • Clean your face with cold water.
  • Finally, apply moisturizer.

Toner for Tight Pores

When clogged pores react to oxygen you get blackheads. Consequently lessening these pores is going to help out. Lemon juice is a sharp that can do this job done for you. But keep in mind, lemon juice can reduce your skin for the time being. It is able to make the skin responsive to the rays of the sun additionally. So you require applying a sunscreen, mainly during the summer months. Those with sensitive skins must mix the lemon juice and water ahead of applying.


  • Lemon
  • Bottle
  • Cotton Balls.


  • Firstly, Wash your face with cold water.
  • Press lemon and store the juice in the bottle.
  • Now put in the cotton ball and humid it a slight.
  • After that, apply this to affected areas. Like this do it for 3 to 4 times in a week just before sleep.
  • Now, Wash your face with lukewarm water while waking up in the early morning.
  • Finally, Apply moisturizer.

Clay Mask

Cosmetics can be finding in different forms. The best part is they can dry out your oily pores and take away unnecessary residue additionally. Although for best outcome, you must insert apple cider vinegar to it when you are trying to compose your clay mask.


  • Cosmetic clay.
  • Apple cider vinegar.
  • Napkin.
  • Bowl.


  • Firstly, add cosmetic clay powder in a bowl and add some water.
  • Now add apple cider vinegar.
  • Then mix these two together.
  • After that apply this paste on the affected areas.
  • Stay for 10 to 15 minutes. Let it to get totally dry.
  • Clean it using lukewarm water.

Water and Baking Soda

Get a tea spoon of baking soda to get rid of blackheads on your nose. This can assist you enormously. The small grains of baking soda will exfoliate and show up the things that are clogging the pores. It’s a best and natural way of combating blackheads.


  • Water.
  • Baking soda.


  • Firstly, Mix Baking Soda and Water. The paste should be thick.
  • Now rub this paste on skin in moderate circular motions.
  • Let it be for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Use water to clean.
  • Finally, Apply moisturizer.

Caution: Because of its saltiness it can dry your skin badly, so do not overdo.

Nutmeg Solution and Milk

Milk has lactic acid, mixture of nutmeg and milk is possibly the best-selling exfoliate you can get. And the nutmeg’s tough grains will eliminate those blackheads collectively from your skin. It’s a powerful combination.


  • Nutmegs solution.
  • Buttermilk.
  • Bowl.


  • Firstly mix some nutmeg and one tablespoon of milk for making paste.
  • Now, apply the mixture or combination on your face. Do this softly.
  • Rub and take away the dirt and dead skin cells.
  • Let it be for some time.
  • Clean you face with water.

Mint and Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

To make own toner simply mix crushed mint leaves and apple cider vinegar. Mint on the other hand will make tighter your skin. Menthol will tame irritation, if the area around your blackhead has swollen from picking. You need to fight inflammation additionally, since this is going to make it trickier to bring out whatever is clogging your pores.


  • Three tablespoons of Fresh mint leaves
  • Three tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar
  • Eight ounce of water
  • Some Cotton.


  • Keep mint and vinegar in a jug and keep it in a cool and dim place for a week.
  • Now add some water to this and keep this in your fridge for 6 days.
  • You are presently prepared to apply this toner. Apply water first to your face to make it wet.
  • Dab clean cotton balls in the toner and apply this on the influenced part.
  • Leave this for a few hours. For best results, leave this overnight. Apply this consistently.
  • Rinse it off in the wake of awakening.

Yogurt and Oatmeal


  • Two tablespoons of Oatmeal
  • Three tablespoons of Yogurt
  • Four tomatoes.
  • Honey.
  • Olive oil.
  • Lemon juice.


  • Take out the juice from four tomatoes and store.
  • Now pour plain yogurt (three tablespoons) and oats (two tablespoons) into a dish.
  • Add one tablespoon of nectar and a tad bit of olive oil to this.
  • Add some lemon squeeze also.
  • Mix to make your glue.
  • Apply this glue all over.
  • Keep this for 10 minutes.
  • Wash off utilizing ordinary water.

Try this home remedy day by day. You will absolutely have clear skin and won’t ever need to ask how to evacuate zits on nose.

Unreasonably numerous individuals are influenced by clogged pores. These developments on the nose look terrible and ruin the look of an overall splendidly beautiful face. It’s much more dreadful when you pick. Furthermore, maybe what’s the most exceedingly terrible thing about these clogged pores is that, they come up amid puberty, when looking great matters such a great amount to every one of us. Folks need to be annoyed also in light of the fact that pimples can demolish respect toward oneself. Your teenaged child could bolt herself inside till the time it goes away. Then again it returns soon.

So what you need is a protected and speedy cure. Attempt one of these remedies and you won’t need to solicit how to get rid of blackheads on nose again.

Final Words

So far we have discussed about – How Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose Fast Without Products, if you have any queries or having any additional information to be included into this article do let us know through comment.

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Hair Loss Indicators : How To Prevent Hair Loss to Completely?

For some, the primary indication of hair loss are often horrific. nobody must see their hair fall out chain by chain, particularly if they feel there’s nothing they’ll do concerning it. Here at MyHealthTipsOnline, you’ll see that one thing are often done concerning it, as there area unit ways to forestall or treat hair loss.

Hair Loss Indicators

The condition of your hair is typically an excellent indicator of your health. Healthy people can have healthy hair, whereas unhealthy populace area unit a lot of possible to possess hair issues or problems. to stay youHow To Prevent Hair Loss to Completelyr body and hair healthy, you’ve ought to begin with what you eat and drink. A diet of victuals wealthy fruits and vegetables, macromolecule pre-packaged foods, and therefore the correct quantity of water can keep you hydrous and well-fed.

Keeping your hair clean could be a nice technique to stay it from rift. once hair is filthy, diseases area unit a lot of possible to happen within the scalp which can cause the hair to fall out. it’s imperative to wash the hair and scalp with an excellent shampoo and conditioner. these things can keep the hair and scalp from drying out whereas ensuring that filth and OIL don’t interfere with hair development.

There area unit various factors that may negatively have an effect on your hair and cause hair loss if they aren’t prevented. Tight hair designs will cause hair to be force out at the roots, which might cause permanent hair loss if the styles don’t seem to be taken out. Implementing chemical treatments to the hair, like perms, straighteners, and warmth primarily based selections, will alter it and typically, cause it to fall out if they’re used enough. employing a blow drier on a high setting also can harm hair to the stage of rift, as a result of the extreme heat inflicting vesicle and scalp harm. The key would be to use light movements and techniques with the hair, since it’s thus fine.

How To Prevent Hair Loss to Completely

There area unit natural treatments you will use to forestall hair loss and keep the hair healthy, which might be created by things that area unit unremarkable found in everyday marketplaces. an excellent strengthening merchandise are often created by combining curd, fenugreek, mallow blooms grooseberries, one egg, and some henna into a paste and apply it on the hair before shampooing. Tea or lemon and water are often accustomed wash the hair and treat dandruff. you’ll additionally keep the hair and scalp moisturised by adding almond or copra oil on a each day. The oil will an excellent job whereas having a pleasant aroma.

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For many peoples, hair loss can present itself unexpectedly. They’ll be shocked to ascertain that their hair is rift, and certain won’t be sure the way to stop it. it’s attainable to try to to one thing concerning hair loss before it’s now too tardy. If you’re being affected by hair loss, take action whereas you continue to have hair left to avoid wasting.

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How to Gain Weight: Healthy Foods, Diet Plan To Gain Weight

Today we here at MyHealthTipsOnline  will be discussing with you some some of the best ways to gain weight, while the most of the populace are seriously looking for How to Gain Weight –  While some are knowing all the prevention methods and doing quite reversely. so we highly recommend you to follow our healthy ways to gain weight very quickly without having those chemical medicines.

How to Gain Weight
How to Gain Weight

Diet to Gain Weight

We usually see many people around us eat too much foods to gain weight quickly but, eventually they fail to gain wright – Here i’ll be sharing some of the calorie rich food to be taken to gain weight very quickly. Let’s get started.

How to Gain Weight for Healthy Life

Some healthy ways to gain weight when you’re underweight:

  • Eat more (Try to make time table for having at least 6 times a day (Small meals, not at once).
  • Choose nutrient-rich foods (Eat rich foods like Avocado, Peanut, Cheese, Vegetables and Nuts and Seeds.).
  • Try having shakes (Sometimes, It is better to have liquids rather solid).
  • Have any type of rich-drink after A great meal (35 Minutes after a complete meal).
  • Have Bite Like Peanut, Avocado, Whole milk and Cheese (Specially at at Night Times).
  • While having meals or Breakfast or dinner try adding dishes like cheese, eggs and stews.
  • Don’t eat occasional food too much (Have creams but has to be limit) .
  • Exercise (Go to gym and take some precaution steps to gain muscles)

Here Are The Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

  • Avocado : If you have heart problem, want to reduce fat levels than this is just for you;  really Avocado is having full of Nutrients, people who take this regularly as a mean to gain weight can have like 110 grams which gives you 210 calories immediately and is henceforth an scintillating fruit for those who are hopeless to gain weight.
  • Peanut butter: Many experts of our team advice us to regularly have One tablespoon of peanut which roughly gives you 90 – 95 calories and it is also a good protein diet.
  • Red meat : Red meat has got numerously protein like no other meat has build-in, if you are a gym master and would like to build for you and your associates we highly recommend you to have Red Meat as your major food (Rich in Proteins and Other Nutrients).

Advice: Eat Red Meat as it is safer than regular meat and is chemical free.

  • Whole milk : Milks shakes are great source for rich in proteins and nutrients like Vitamin A and D, like 10 Millie Liters of milk gives you 11.7 grams calories and 0.43 grams of protein.
  • Cheese: Having cheese is the best way to gain weight with a fast metabolism, as it is backed with all necessary nutrients; why only protein but with calories, calcium and some good fats. selecting the exact type of cheese gives a good dose of these necessary nutrients. A great benefit is adding cheese with salads, spreads, sandwiches etc…
Does birth control make you gain weight -why am I gaining weight

Here we go – Does birth control make you gain weight?  lets get started; Many of my cousins are gained through birth control, in the same way many of my colleague are having very bad experience on birth control so, I have three truths to tell my beloved visitors about birth control – Here we go.

Truth 1:  Women on the pill don’t gain any more weight than women not on birth control.

This says that gaining weight is on your ages or foods you consumes or the diet you take, many may get benefited from pill but some are not.

Truth 2: The shot can lead to weight gain for some women.

There are only some percent that out of 10 users only 4 may gain weight.

Truth 3: Healthy choices you make now not only will make you feel better, but also will prevent diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes when you are older.

  • Drink more water
  • Eat more breakfast
  • Eat more vegetables like carrot.

How many calories to gain weight

  • The Ideal Caloric Surplus for MEN: 250 calories per day.
  • The Ideal Caloric Surplus for WOMEN: 125 calories per day.
Gender Ideal Rate Of Weight Gain For Building Muscle
Men 0.5 pound per week.
(2lbs per month)
Women 0.25 pound per week.
(1lb per month)

Final Words

So far we discussed about How to Gain Weight – Hope all of  you get benefited soon after practicing our expert recommended words. If you have any queries kindly let us know through comment or have any additional words to be added are really welcome.

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How to Spot Skin Cancer 2015

Skin cancer rarely hurt and are much more frequently seen that felt. Skin Cancer is the most common type of cancer. Sun exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer, and people with fair skin and light eyes are much more prone to damage effects of the Sun’s UV rays. The sooner a skin cancer is detected or treated; the better is your chance to stay away from surgeries. Most skin cancers can be detected in its early stages since skin tumors are more visible than internal organs. These types of skin cancers account for virtually 100% of skin cancers. The non-melanomatous skin cancers include basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Malignant melanoma is the third kind of skin cancer which is very deadly – How to Spot Skin Cancer

It is a good idea to discuss about your level of risk to your doctor and get an advice on early detection.
Before going further, it is better to know your skin and what is normal for your skin. Skin cancers really hurt and are frequent. You should get your skin checked on a daily basis for new spot and changes if you notice. Here are some common ways through which you can detect Skin cancer.
  • Make sure you go through your entire body as skin cancer can occur in any parts of your body which is not open and not exposed to sun such as soles of fingers, toes, private parts, etc.
  • Undress completely in good light and see for spots, marks, etc. Also, use a mirror to check it completely because it is often hard to see whether you have a spot on your back or scalp or get a family member to do that for you.
Early detection is essential for successful treatment of skin cancers. You should consult your doctor if you have any suspicious skin changes or lesions that include:
  • Moles that have changed in appearance bleed or become itchy.
  • New moles or sores.
  • Ulcers that do not heal.
  • Spreading of pigment beyond the borders of a mole or mark.
  • Moles that have grown or exhibit unusual changes. 
What to look for?
There are basically three types of skin cancer- Melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.
Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. If you leave it untreated, it will spread to other parts of your body as well. It appears as a new spot on the skin. And it can appear on skin not normally exposed to the sun. It grows quickly and they often begin to bleed or crust.
Basal Cell Cardnoma ismost common, least dangerous. It grows slowly and usually on areas often exposed to the sun. It is red, pale or pearly in color, appears as a lump or dry and scaly area.
Squamous cell cardnoma is a thickened, red scaly spot that sometimes bleed easily, crust or even ulcerate. It grows over some months, usually on areas often exposed to sun and more likely to occur in people over 50 years of age. This is about How to Spot Skin Cancer
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How To Make Recipes Healthier?

Making recipes healthier can be easy to do, and you can do it without sacrificing flavor.  Many traditional, high calorie recipes can be made healthier so they can still be part of a balanced, healthy diet.  Making recipes healthier can mean a lot of things.  Here are some categories and solutions for making recipes healthier. See also: 10 easy ways to cut calories from any recipe – How to Make Recipes Healthier?

Cutting down the fat content

  • Some recipes call for a lot of oil, butter and dairy.  There are some easy substitutions for these ingredients that can lower fat content without sacrificing flavor.  You can swap unsweetened applesauce for oil in baked goods like sweet breads or muffins.
  • Swap ½ to the full amount of the oil content for applesauce in a recipe.  It may take some experimenting to determine the right amount for each recipe.  When swapping applesauce for oil, you can also cut down on the sugar amount since the applesauce is giving some extra sweetness.
  • Another example of cutting down the fat in a recipe is swapping mashed, ripe bananas for oil.  Use the same ratios for the applesauce when using mashed bananas in place of oil.
  • When a recipe requires sour cream or mayonnaise, replace these ingredients with plain non-fat Greek yogurt.  Substitute low/nonfat dairy products for the full fat version; no one will know.

Increasing fiber

  • Switching whole wheat flour for white flour is an easy recipe substitution that will increase fiber content in baked goods.  Whole wheat flour is denser than regular flour, so some baking recipes may need to be ½ regular flour ½ whole wheat.
  • Using applesauce or mashed bananas, as listed above, in place of oils will also increase fiber content.  For chocolate baked goods like chocolate cake or brownies, you can substitute the butter with a prune puree.
  • Prune puree can be made by blending together ¾ c of prunes with ¼ cup of hot water.  Prunes are naturally high in fiber, and are a common remedy for constipation.  Use with caution and watch portion sizes in baked goods with prunes: it can have a laxative effect in high doses!
  • Flax meal or chia seeds mixed with water can be a replacement for eggs.  This can help turn baked good recipes that call for eggs into a vegan alternative.  This will also increase fiber content of the recipe because flax and chia seeds are high in fiber.

The ratios for replacing 1 egg are:

  • Combine 1 tbsp of flax meal (ground flaxseeds) with 3 tbsp of water.
  • Combine 1 tbsp of chia seeds in 1 cup of hot water; let sit for 15-20 minutes until a gel like consistency forms.
  • For any savory dish, increase fiber content by adding in vegetables.  Be creative with how you can add in some veggies.  For example, add in butternut squash puree to the cheese sauce for macaroni and cheese.  Add in frozen vegetables to pasta the last few minutes of cooking.

Increasing protein

  • Replacing sour cream or mayonnaise with plain Greek yogurt will increase protein content for recipes, as Greek yogurt is high in protein.  Use egg whites in place of eggs in any baked good recipe that calls for eggs.
  • Egg whites are a concentrated source of protein, and using 2 egg whites in place of 1 egg will increase protein amount.  Instead of making traditional brownies, make black bean brownies; no one will be able to tell the difference!  In general, this can work by replacing 1 cup of flour for 1 cup of rinsed, canned black beans.
  • Beans are high in fiber and protein, so replacing beans gets two birds with one stone.

See also: How to cook healthier meals
Gluten Free

  • If you have a gluten sensitivity or allergy, changing your favorite homemade recipes into gluten free (GF) can seem daunting.  For baking it is now a little easier, as there are many GF baking mixes available at most stores.  Other GF flours that can be used as a replacement for regular flour include coconut and almond flour. (See also: How to eat gluten free)
  • If a recipe calls for soy sauce, use something instead like liquid aminos.  Soy sauce is a common gluten source, but liquid aminos usually aren’t and have the same flavor as soy sauce.  This can be a handy substitution for your favorite Asian flavored recipes. (See also: Is Soy healthy?)
  • Make gluten free breadcrumbs from your own gluten free bread, or make your own alternative from gluten free oats.  Place GF oats in a food processor and blend until oats are ground up.
  • Using GF rolled oats will also increase fiber content, and they are naturally low in sodium and preservatives, unlike other packaged bread crumbs.

This is about How To Make Recipes Healthier?

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Healthy Lunch Ideas – Is It Bad To Only Eat Once a Day?

Eating frequency throughout the day has been a long debated issue.  Does it matter if you eat 3 meals a day?  What if you eat the same number of calories in 1 meal instead?  Most research suggests eating once a day is not beneficial.  Here are some reasons why you may want to eat more than just once a day – Healthy Lunch Ideas

Blood Sugar

Eating one meal a day means you’re getting a huge amount of food in 1 sitting.  This will cause your blood sugar to spike after that meal.  A 2007 study from Metabolism- Clinical and Experimental analyzed the effects when subjects ate 1 large meal a day or 3 meals a day.  The 1 large meal and 3 meals per day were the same amount of calories.

Results from this study showed that when subjects ate 1 meal a day compared to eating 3 meals a day blood glucose levels had higher fasting blood glucose levels, delayed insulin response to an oral glucose tolerance test and greater elevations in blood glucose after eating.

Based on this study, eating 1 meal a day can increase blood sugar and possibly blunt insulin response.  This could increase risk for type 2 diabetes and weight gain.  Subjects in this study were healthy and normal weight, and consumed either 1 meal a day or 3 meals a day for 8 weeks each.

See also: How to increase your metabolism naturallyIncreased fat formation

  • As mentioned above, eating 1 meal a day can increase glucose and insulin secretions.  Insulin promotes fat storage in addition to taking glucose from the blood and bringing it into body cells for energy.
  • A huge intake of energy at one time each day causes high insulin levels that can increase fat storage.  A 2008 study from British Journal of Nutrition analyzed the effects on metabolism with varying meal frequencies.  Subjects either ate 3 meals, or only breakfast and dinner.  The 3 meals was equal in calories to the only breakfast and dinner experiment.
  • When subjects ate 3 meals, fat oxidation was increased compared to when subjects ate 2 meals.  Although this was looking at 2 meals not 1 meal, other research studies have shown similar results with eating 1 meal a day.
  • Eating 1 meal a day can increase fat storage and decrease using fat as a fuel.  As mentioned in the 2008 study, eating 3 meals actually increased using fat as a fuel compared to eating 2 meals a day.

See also: How many calories should I eat to lose weightLower satiety

  • Eating only once a day decreases satiety.  Satiety is a measure of satisfaction after a meal, and will tell your brain you no longer need food.  In the 2008 study, subjects had a higher satiety with eating 3 meals a day instead of 2.
  • Higher satiety throughout the day means you will probably eat less throughout the day.  Eating 3 meals compared to 1 meal will leave you more satisfied, meaning your food intake will probably be lower.
  • Generally speaking, eating 1 meal a day could also affect mental health and emotions.  If you’re feeling hungry all day, you will probably be cranky.
    Are more meals per day always better?
  • Eating 1-2 meals a day can increase blood glucose levels, possibly even the day after, and can decrease using fat as a fuel when compared to eating 3 meals a day.  So does that mean eating more than 3 times a day is even better you’re your metabolism?
  • Not necessarily.  Sometimes eating every few hours can increase over all calorie intake and keep blood sugar and insulin levels elevated.  Some people do better with eating 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day, but it may not be best for everyone.

This is about – Healthy Lunch Ideas – Is It Bad To Only Eat Once a Day?

How To Get a Flat Stomach In 2 Months 2015

Losing belly fat is a popular physique goal; it seems an elusive 6 pack is what many people want.  However, getting a flat stomach takes more than doing some abdominal exercises every day.  Although there is no magic formula or guaranteed timeline, following these simple steps can help you reach the goal of getting a flat stomach – How To Get a Flat Stomach In 2 Months
What to eat

  • Don’t expect to get a flat stomach by eating whatever you want.  Losing belly fat means taking in less calories than you’re expending.
  • Non-processed whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and dairy should make up the diet when trying to flatten the stomach.
  • Cut out junk food like chips, cookies, crackers and baked goods, as these foods are a source of empty calories.  Trimming excess calories, even if it’s a small amount, is needed for fat loss.  Getting a flat belly means shedding extra fat around the mid-section, and that won’t happen unless the body burns the fat for energy.
  • Avoid going long gaps without eating and eating a large meal at one time.  Long gaps in between meals and then eating a large meal can increase the body’s tendency for fat storage.

See also: Is it bad to only eat once a day?

Cut out sugar

  • As mentioned, excess calories can hamper efforts for flattening the stomach.  Extra sugar in particular can promote fat storage.  Cutting out extra sugar is important for any weight loss efforts, and maybe especially important for cutting down belly fat.
  • Once sugar is in the blood stream, the hormone insulin is released to bring sugar into the body cells so they can use it for energy or storage.
  • Sugar can hide in many foods, especially sweetened beverages.  Other hidden food sources of sugar include some breads, sauces, dressings and packaged, prepared meals.  Check food labels and ingredient lists for hidden sugar before purchasing food or beverages.

Lower salt intake

  • Too much salt can cause bloating in the body, and could cause excess stomach bloating.  Most Americans get too much sodium, and sodium is used widely as a food preservative in processed foods. (See also: 5 simple ways to reduce sodium intake)
  • Fast food, canned soups, frozen dinners, soy sauce, pizza or other food from restaurants all contain high levels of sodium and could be a source of stomach bloating.  To offset bloating from too much sodium, eating or drinking foods high in potassium could help.
  • Sodium and potassium help control fluid balance in the body, and potassium can help draw excess water, from bloating, into body cells.  Foods high in potassium include fruits, vegetables and dairy.

Watch alcohol intake

  • Alcohol in moderation has been shown in many research studies to have potential health benefits.  However, alcohol in excess can have negative health effects and is an excess source of calories.
  • Researchers from a 2010 study from JAMA Internal Medicine analyzed data from healthy women, average age about 39 years, for about 13 years.  Their results found women who drank light to moderate alcohol levels were associated with less weight gain and a lower risk of obesity compared to women who did not drink.  However, this does not mean the more alcohol, the better weight control.
  • Other research studies have shown alcohol in excess may increase risk for obesity and fat accumulation, especially around the belly.  Someone wanting to flatten the belly should cut down on excess alcohol intake.  Moderate alcohol intake is considered 1 drink per day for women and up to 2 drinks a day for men according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Increase calorie burn

The way to cut down belly fat is to increase calorie burn through exercise.  Strengthening core muscles is important for muscle definition, but cardio exercise will burn extra fat.  The CDC suggests adults get at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate exercise or 1 hour and 15 minutes of vigorous exercise and muscle strengthening exercises 2 days a week.

However, in order to flatten the stomach, more exercise may be needed.Strengthen Abs

Of course the other ingredient to getting a flat stomach is to strengthen the stomach muscles.  It doesn’t mean if you start doing core strength work your stomach will automatically flatten.  But, over time with cardio exercise, core strength exercises will develop muscles and help flatten the core – How To Get a Flat Stomach In 2 Months